Existing Security System Takeover or Upgrade

Business Alarm, Access Control and Video Surveillance Systems

Existing Security systems

When businesses relocate to new buildings, they may come across existing access control and video surveillance systems already in place. In these cases, the system may be outdated or may require assistance to get their system up and running. In a lot of cases, the business did not move at all and is simply just dissatisfied with their current security provider and looking for an alternative.

In either case, IdentiSys can typically help with an existing or ​outdated business security system to get it up and running. Request a complimentary walk-through with an IdentiSys representative to access the back end of the software and hardware​, assess the current status of the system and provide viable options. Your system may be able to be activated with minimal effort, or it may be determined that software or hardware requires updating.

Business security systems come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations — with various capabilities and integration. Many manufacturers make many types of systems and they are all vastly different from each other.

Reasons for a System Takeover with Identisys

  • Upgrade an older system 
  • Have an existing system with no support
  • Dissatisfied with current security system integrator/provider
  • Moved to a new building with an existing system
  • Add new card readers/cameras 
  • Upgrade to a more secure card format 
  • Expand on an existing system
  • Integrate existing or new systems
Request a Walk-Thru ​or Estimate
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