Advanced RTLS Tracking Solutions

Condition Monitoring, Location Tracking and Emergency Evacuation

Real-Time Location Tracking

Leading RTLS Solutions for Businesses Nationwide

At IdentiSys, we are your go-to provider for cutting-edge RTLS solutions designed to elevate workplace safety, efficiency, and security. Our Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) are crafted to meet the diverse needs of businesses looking to implement robust tracking and monitoring capabilities. Whether you are interested in employee tracking, visitor management, or emergency evacuation solutions, our RTLS technology offers unparalleled accuracy and reliability.

Comprehensive Employee Tracking System

IdentiSys specializes in advanced employee tracking systems that enhance operational visibility and safety. Our RTLS solutions provide real-time insights into employee locations, ensuring optimal workforce management and rapid response during emergencies. With our integrated RTLS and access control systems, you can streamline your security protocols and improve overall workplace safety.

Effective Visitor Tracking Solutions

Managing visitor access and tracking is crucial for maintaining a secure business environment. Our RTLS solutions enable you to monitor visitor movements in real-time, enhancing security and compliance. Our visitor tracking solutions are seamlessly integrated with your existing access control systems, providing a comprehensive approach to managing guest and visitor interactions.

HID BluZone Beacon

HID BlueZone Products

Reliable Emergency Evacuation System

In times of crisis, an efficient emergency evacuation system is vital. IdentiSys offers state-of-the-art mustering solutions that ensure the safety of your employees and visitors during emergencies. Our RTLS technology provides real-time location data, helping you account for everyone quickly and accurately during evacuations. This system is essential for businesses prioritizing employee safety and compliance with emergency preparedness regulations.

Advanced Mustering Solutions

Our mustering solutions go beyond traditional methods, leveraging the power of RTLS to enhance emergency response. With IdentiSys, you can implement a robust mustering system that provides precise location tracking, ensuring that all employees and visitors are accounted for during an evacuation. This technology significantly reduces the risks associated with emergency situations, offering peace of mind and compliance assurance.

Seamless Integration with Access Control

IdentiSys provides comprehensive employee badging solutions that integrate seamlessly with our RTLS technology and your existing access control systems. This integration allows for a unified approach to workplace safety and identification, enhancing security measures and operational efficiency. Our solutions are designed to be scalable and adaptable, meeting the evolving needs of your business.

Condition Monitoring for Optimal Equipment Performance

Beyond tracking people, IdentiSys’s RTLS solutions extend to condition monitoring for your equipment. Our advanced technology tracks and monitors the operational health of your machinery by measuring critical parameters such as temperature, vibration, and more. This real-time data allows you to detect and address issues before they escalate, ensuring your equipment runs optimally and reducing downtime.

By continuously monitoring equipment conditions, our RTLS solutions help you maintain a high level of operational efficiency and extend the lifespan of your machinery. This proactive approach to equipment management can lead to significant cost savings and increased productivity.


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As a nationwide leader in identification, security, and tracking solutions, IdentiSys is dedicated to providing innovative RTLS solutions tailored to your business needs. Our expertise in employee, visitor, and guest tracking, coupled with our advanced mustering solutions, ensures that you have the tools necessary to maintain a safe and efficient workplace.

Contact IdentiSys today to learn more about how our RTLS solutions can transform your business and elevate your workplace safety and security.