​Nonprofit Organization ID Card Programs

​Staff, Member and Volunteer ID Cards & Badges

Nonprofit Organization ID Cards and Badges

Nonprofit organizations use photo ID systems to create custom staff, member and volunteer ID cards and badges.

When organizations have a high number of volunteers working events or soliciting donations, photo ID badges not only can help in the tracking of volunteers, it increases confidence in the public that they are working with representative of a legitimate nonprofit organization. Some local, county and state governments may even require nonprofit volunteer ID badges be worn.

Membership cards for nonprofit organizations provide innumerable benefits for both the organization and the member. For members, member ID cards set them apart from non members, making them feel part of an exclusive group. These cards also increase loyalty to the organization, encouraging more donations and activeness in the organization's cause.

With an IdentiSys ID system, you can create cards for use for:

  • Staff, member and volunteer photo ID badges
  • Member ID cards
  • Member ID tracking
  • Staff and volunteer tracking
  • Access control (physical access)

IdentiSys is a full-service solutions provider ​in identification and security. From simple desktop nonprofit ID card systems to ID systems integrated to access and tracking, the breadth and depth of our portfolio means you can always find a perfect fit or solution for your needs and budget. If an ID system is not currently in your budget, the ID ​card printing service from IdentiSys can ​produce your ID cards ​for you.