Employee I​D, Security and Tracking

In today's world, improving security, safeguarding assets and increasing efficiency are all high priorities for corporations. IdentiSys offers a complete range of corporate security and identification solutions to help accomplish this and more.

Securing a building starts with the proper identification of those who enter and leave. Properly identifying company personnel and authorized visitors can be accomplished with the use of company ID badges and temporary visitor passes. ​In addition to visual security, company ID badges can be integrated to logical and physical access systems—as well as be used for time and attendance tracking.

Things to Consider

  • Who goes where and when?
  • Who needs to be in your facility?
  • When can employees have access?
  • What areas need to be restricted?
  • What are you protecting?

Corporate Solutions

Corporate ID Badges

Employee Identification

Photo ID Badge​s & Tracking

Identify people in your facilities with secure employee ID cards and badges. Increase productivity by enabling transactions and tracking.

Employee Access Cards

​Credentials & Access Control

Utilize proximity and smart card technology for credential access to door entry systems and multi-factor software authentication.

Corporate Visitor Passes

Enterprise Visitor ​Management

Visitor Badging & Registration

Increase security by identifying and tracking clients, contractors ​and other visitors in the facility.

Office Video Surveillance

​Corporate Video Surveillance

​Building & Office Surveillance

Monitor all areas inside and outside of the facility, from single-room offices to expansive buildings with hundreds of entry points.

Other Corporate Solutions