Driver's License Age & ID Verification Scanner Solution

Verify player age and populate license information

Casino VIP Player Cards

Casinos enroll millions of patrons a year for their player card program, a process that may include checking an ID to verify age and identity, crosschecking banned and VIP lists, and entering information in the computer. IdentiSys offers a driver's license scanner solution that automates the enrollment or registration screen in seconds by populating information from ID cards to entry fields on existing player card management software on the computer.

This scanner solution offers built-in support for most cards with machine readable data such as: driver's licenses, credit cards, military IDs, and the foreign workers ID cards. No matter the region, this solution has an editable library that can easily be updated to read and populate information for most other ID cards.

Driver's License Age Verification Scanner Solution Features:

  • Expedite the enrollment process with automation
  • Compatible with most PC-based player reward card management software
  • Populate existing enrollment fields with a simple swipe
  • Verify age and identity of patrons

IdentiSys is a trusted provider and partner for casino identification and tracking solutions, with the ability to seamlessly integrate with existing casino software programs. Contact us today to learn more on how we can implement or improve your player card reward program.