Membership & Loyalty Central Issuance

High Volume Membership & Loyalty Card Issuance & ​Delivery

Increase productivity and efficiency while reducing the cost per card with a membership and loyalty central issuance system from IdentiSys. ​Central issuance systems produce CR80 30 mil PVC cards at high volumes. Some systems also process forms and mailings as well with added optional modules.

If your high volume card printing requires specialized systems for data matching, on-demand printing, encoding and affixing to card carriers, IdentiSys can provide your organization with a system that meets all requirements and enhance your membership and loyalty card program. 

Datacard MX6100 Card Issuance System
NBS Horizon
Matica S7000

High Speed & High Volume Card Printing

IdentiSys is a provider of a variety of central issuance systems, including systems capable of printing at speeds of up to 3,000 cards per hour with magnetic stripe and smart card encoding capabilities.

Whatever your organization requires for​ membership and loyalty card issuance, IdentiSys can provide the right central issuance system for printing high speed, large volume runs of ​​membership and loyalty cards.


  • Lower operational costs
  • Automate quality assurance
Membership Cards

Card ​Delivery & Envelope Insertion

​Central issuance systems can be uniquely equipped with a number of inline card delivery and envelope insertion modules.​

Built specific to your high volume financial card printing requirements, a number of module options are available — including card affixing, form folding, envelope printing, and form inserting.

Card Delivery

Card delivery capability allows you to run on-demand color printing, reducing the need for large inventory of preprinted forms. Easily deliver customized messages, include promotional coupons, and cross-sell other products and services.

Envelope Insertion

With envelope insertion, you can segment your mailings with flexible divert and segmentation options — including envelope diverting based on weight, jogging and ink marking. ​Marketing capabilities are greatly improved with the ability to target messages with flexible insert capabilities.

Card Delivery