Document Binding & Document Finishing

With in-house document solutions from IdentiSys, an organization will not need to outsource and worry about waiting, set-up fees, and minimum quantity ordering. Most importantly, owning document finishing products will save a lot of time and money.

Binding Solutions

Give books, directories, cookbooks, informational booklets and more, the finishing touch. IdentiSys has many different types of binding systems that can be used for various applications.

  • Plastic Comb Binding
    Plastic comb binding is the choice if a document will be used frequently. The user will have the ability to add and delete pages in a snap. These documents are easy to photocopy because plastic comb binding pages always lay flat and flip easily. Use this type of binding for training manuals, presentations, or internal documents. With plastic comb binding, it is possible to bind up to 450 pages at once.
  • Thermal Binding
    Thermal binding allows a user to bind documents quickly, with no punching. With up to 450 pages and a thermal cover in the thermal binding machine, it takes only seconds to have a neat, secure, impressively bound document. Thermal binding is a great solution to bind computer reports quickly and easily.
  • Velobind
    Velobind is the choice for the most important proposals. Velobind's sleek profile produces a sophisticated appearance and makes filing and mailing easy. Velobind is used a lot for sales proposals, product literature, and legal briefs. Hardcovers are also available for this system. With Velobind, it is possible to bind up to 375 pages.
  • Wire Twinloop Binding
    For upscale, contemporary presentations that lie completely flat when open, wire twinloop binding is a great solution. IdentiSys offers a range of affordably-priced models for home office and general business use. Wire twinloop binding allows a user to punch up to 20 documents at a time and create presentations with up to 250 sheets.
  • Color Coil Binding
    Color coil binding is used for a modern and convenient presentation that can be completely folded back on itself. This form of binding is perfect for maps, recipe books, and technical manuals. Coil binding can bind up to 265 pages at a time.

Cutter Solutions

Not every project requires the same size documents and quite often users want something different to help them stand out. One simple, easy way to accomplish this is to cut documents to any size. Simply decide what size is necessary and these cutters can handle the job. 

IdentiSys offers cutters that can cut large stacks of paper, up to 360 sheets (1 ½” thick) in a single cut to help speed through all projects.

Folding Solutions

Handle communications with ease–leaving time for the things that are really important. An auto folder system can handle various paper weights, speed ranges and sheet sizes. It even performs several different types of folds and is also able to accept stapled sets of paper.

Laminating Solutions

Simple, easy-to-operate laminators help keep documents in pristine condition. Use lamination for posters, cutouts, signs, photos, presentations and charts to add longevity and durability. 

IdentiSys carries laminators to cover most document sizes up to 27 inches. Laminators are available in roll or pouch styles and IdentiSys can work with the customer to find the one that best fits the customer's needs.

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