Staff ID, Patient ID, Tracking and Safety

To succeed in today’s competitive healthcare environment, healthcare organizations need to drive patient loyalty, reduce operating costs and increase patient safety. Using patient ID to correctly identify patients throughout their entire healthcare experience—from admission to treatment to discharge—is crucial.

IdentiSys healthcare solutions can automate patient registration while making patient–provider interactions more satisfying for patients and more efficient, secure, and profitable for the healthcare organization. Custom solutions can help decrease costs, improve quality of care, and quickly identify patient alert/safety indicators.

Additionally, IdentiSys is a solutions provider for staff ID, visitor management and access control. Solutions from IdentiSys ​range from simple systems to completely integrated ​systems that cover an entire enterprise and all facilities.

Things to Consider

  • Are you identifying patients with wristbands, cards or labels?
  • Are you using labels/forms? Are you tracking labs and pharmaceuticals by patient?
  • How are you identifying patient alert/safety indicators based on the standards?
  • How are you protecting the five patient rights?
  • How are you ensuring no duplicate medical records?
  • What do you do for incoming patients in the event of a system or network failure?
  • How are you destroying plastic bottles, caps, adhesive labels and items containing patient information?

Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare ID Badges

Healthcare Staff Identification

ID Badges for Healthcare Employees

​Issue secure, durable photo ID cards and badges to healthcare all staff. Utilize technology cards for integration with inventory, attendance, access control and HIS technology.

HIPPA HITECH Multi-Factor Authentication

HIPAA/HITECH Data Sec​urity Compliance

Secure Multi-Factor Authentication

HIPAA mandates that all healthcare organizations comply with strict rules designed to protect the confidentiality and integrity of patient information. Multi-factor authentication ensures only authorized access to secure and critical patient data.

Photo Biometric Enrollment Verification

Photo Biometric Positive Patient ID

Facial Recognition ​Registration and Verification

A photo biometric identification and registration enrollment platform is a unique and comprehensive positive patient ID solution that offers accurate patient identification, fraud protection, data integrity, and seamless integration while safeguarding your patient’s personal health information.

Patient ID Embossing and Imprinting

Embossed Patient Identification Cards

Patient ID ​Embossing and Imprinting

Many healthcare facilities rely on the traditional embossed patient card for imprinting information onto a variety of forms and labels, as well as record keeping with files and folders.

Patient Loyalty Card

​Patient, Medical & Insurance ID Cards

Medical and Patient Loyalty ID Cards

Offer a durable plastic ​medical ID card that can be linked to a centralized identity database to simplify access to patient credentials. Expand the card to focus on membership and loyalty programs.

Patient ID Wristbands and Labels

Patient Wristbands and Labels

Thermal Printer or Laser Sheets

Print barcode patient ID wristbands and labels with a thermal transfer printer or with laser sheets on an existing office laser printer.

Downtime Patient Admittance Solutions

Downtime Patient Registration

Downtime Patient Admittance, Wristband and Label Printing

Stand-alone software solution for use in downtime patient admittance to produce wristbands and/or labels.

Healthcare Visitor Management

Healthcare Visitor Management

Visitor Check-in and Badging Software

Establish defined processes, zones, and visibility to visitors, contractors, and vendors entering and visiting the premises.​

Other Healthcare Solutions