Healthcare ID Systems

At IdentiSys, we specialize in providing comprehensive ID and tracking solutions tailored for healthcare facilities. Our extensive range of products and services ensures that healthcare providers can securely and efficiently manage patient and employee identification, along with tracking essential assets and personnel within the facility. Discover how our patient ID cards, wristbands, labels, and employee badge issuance solutions can streamline your operations and enhance security.

ID Card Printers for Patient ID Cards and Employee ID Badges

Healthcare - ID Card Printers for Patient ID Cards and Employee ID BadgesOur patient ID card solutions offer a reliable way to produce high-quality, durable identification cards that are essential for patient management and security. Using the latest ID card printers, supplies, and accessories, we create customizable ID cards that can include critical information such as patient details, medical history, and emergency contacts. These cards are designed to withstand the demanding healthcare environment, ensuring legibility and durability throughout the patient's stay.

A secure and efficient healthcare facility requires the proper identification of all personnel. Our employee ID badge issuance solutions provide everything needed to create professional photo ID badges. These badges not only help in identifying employees but also integrate with access control systems to manage access to restricted areas, ensuring a secure environment for both patients and staff.

Barcode Printers or Laser Sheets for Patient ID Wristbands and Labels

Healthcare - Barcode Printers or Laser Sheets for Patient ID Wristbands and LabelsPatient safety and identification are paramount in healthcare settings. Our patient ID wristbands are designed with patient comfort and security in mind. Available in various materials and sizes, these wristbands are suitable for all patients, including newborns and adults. They are water-resistant, easy to apply, and can be printed with essential patient information, barcodes, and QR codes for quick scanning and identification. Accuracy in patient identification extends beyond wristbands and cards. Our patient ID labels are an essential component of healthcare management, enabling the clear labeling of patient belongings, samples, and medication.

Compatible with most laser printers, laser wristband and label sheets are designed to produce high-quality, smudge-proof labels that adhere securely to various surfaces, ensuring critical information stays attached and legible.

  • Barcode and Wristband Printers
  • Sheets for Laser Printers

Employee and Asset Tracking Solutions

Healthcare - Employee and Asset Tracking SolutionsOur tracking solutions offer advanced capabilities for monitoring employee locations, attendance, mustering, and asset tracking. These systems are invaluable for emergency situations, everyday operations, and optimizing asset utilization within the healthcare facility. Our technology enables real-time tracking and reporting, providing management with the tools needed for effective decision-making and operational efficiency.

  • Employee Location Tracking: Keep track of employee movements for safety and efficiency.
  • Attendance Monitoring: Simplify your attendance tracking for accurate payroll processing.
  • Asset Tracking: Securely monitor your valuable assets and equipment.

Access Control Integration

Healthcare - Access Control IntegrationEnhance your security measures with our access control integration services. We enable the use of technology cards with existing access control systems, allowing ID badges to serve multiple purposes, including door and gate access. This seamless integration ensures a secure, controlled environment, restricting access to sensitive areas and protecting both patients and assets.

  • Proximity and Smart Card Credentials
  • ID Card Printers with Encoding Capabilities
  • Customizable Sticky Cards That Adhere to Clamshell Cards

Comprehensive Visitor Management Systems

Healthcare - Comprehensive Visitor Management SystemsIdentiSys extends its identification solutions to visitors, vendors, and guests. Our visitor management systems ensure that every person on your premises is accounted for, enhancing overall security and professionalism.

  • Visitor Management Software for the Front Desk
  • Self-Managed Visitor Management Kiosk
  • Biometric Visitor Management System
  • Time-Expiring Visitor Management Solution

Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare ID Badges

Healthcare Staff Identification

ID Badges for Healthcare Employees

​Issue secure, durable photo ID cards and badges to healthcare all staff. Utilize technology cards for integration with inventory, attendance, access control and HIS technology.

HIPPA HITECH Multi-Factor Authentication

HIPAA/HITECH Data Sec​urity Compliance

Secure Multi-Factor Authentication

HIPAA mandates that all healthcare organizations comply with strict rules designed to protect the confidentiality and integrity of patient information. Multi-factor authentication ensures only authorized access to secure and critical patient data.

Photo Biometric Enrollment Verification

Healthcare Touchless Security Screening

Detect Weapons at Visitor Entry Points

Touchless security screening offers a revolutionary solution that combines cutting-edge technology and seamless user experience to optimize security protocols in healthcare facilities. With its advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, touchless security screening ensures a swift and accurate screening process, reducing wait times and improving overall operational efficiency.

Photo Biometric Enrollment Verification

Photo Biometric Positive Patient ID

Facial Recognition ​Registration and Verification

A photo biometric identification and registration enrollment platform is a unique and comprehensive positive patient ID solution that offers accurate patient identification, fraud protection, data integrity, and seamless integration while safeguarding your patient’s personal health information.

Patient ID Embossing and Imprinting

Embossed Patient Identification Cards

Patient ID ​Embossing and Imprinting

Many healthcare facilities rely on the traditional embossed patient card for imprinting information onto a variety of forms and labels, as well as record keeping with files and folders.

Patient Loyalty Card

​Patient, Medical & Insurance ID Cards

Medical and Patient Loyalty ID Cards

Offer a durable plastic ​medical ID card that can be linked to a centralized identity database to simplify access to patient credentials. Expand the card to focus on membership and loyalty programs.

Patient ID Wristbands and Labels

Patient Wristbands and Labels

Thermal Printer or Laser Sheets

Print barcode patient ID wristbands and labels with a thermal transfer printer or with laser sheets on an existing office laser printer.

Downtime Patient Admittance Solutions

Downtime Patient Registration

Downtime Patient Admittance, Wristband and Label Printing

Stand-alone software solution for use in downtime patient admittance to produce wristbands and/or labels.

Healthcare Visitor Management

Healthcare Visitor Management

Visitor Check-in and Badging Software

Establish defined processes, zones, and visibility to visitors, contractors, and vendors entering and visiting the premises.​

Other Healthcare Solutions