ID Card Printers

ID card printers produce plastic ID cards used for a variety of applications including photo IDs, membership/loyalty cards, financial cards, badges and much more. From basic entry level to sophisticated high-end applications, we offer a broad range of ID card printers with various features and capabilities. Learn more about ID card printers and how to build your own ID card system.

Brands: Entrust (formerly Datacard) | Evolis | Fargo - HID | IDP | ISG | Magicard | Matica | NiSCA | Polaroid | SwiftColor | Zebra

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  • Datacard SP25 Plus Card Printer

    Datacard SP25 Plus Simplex Rewritable ID Card Printer

      Note: The Datacard SP25 has been replaced by the Datacard SD160. Do you have a SP25? Trade your SP25 in for credit towards a new ID card printer. The Datacard SP25 Plus ID card printer offers both full color and rewritable card printing capabilities. Designed for low-volume, manual-feed applications, this inexpensive printer is ideal for ...
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    • Datacard SP75 Plus Card Printer

      Datacard SP75 Plus ID Card Printer

        Note: The Datacard SP75 has been replaced by the Datacard SD series printers: SD160, SD260 and SD460. Do you have a SP75? Trade your SP75 in for credit towards a new ID card printer. Choose the Datacard SP75 Plus ID card printer to protect people, facilities and critical assets in government, corporations, universities and other organizations ...
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      • Entrust CD180 Simplex Rewritable ID Card Printer

          The Entrust (formerly Datacard) CD180 is an economical single-sided ID card printer with re-write, magnetic stripe encoding and fluorescent UV printing capabilities. The versatile CD 180 produces high quality ID cards or badges at a lower cost-per-card, with the ability to scale up as needed. Standard Features: One-sided, edge-to-edge printing Rewritable ...
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        • Datacard CD800 Card Printer

          Entrust CD800 Casino OpenCard ID Card Printer

            The Entrust (formerly Datacard) CD800 ID card printer with OpenCard format is an ideal solution for casinos and other gaming venues. Most casinos nationwide support Open Card format as a standard option to create player and VIP cards, room keys and employee badges. Is the Entrust CD800 ​Open Card right for you? The ​CD800 is available with different ...
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          • Datacard CD800

            Entrust CD800 CLM Duplex ID Card Printer

              The Entrust® (formerly Datacard) CD800™ ID card printer with an inline card lamination module has all of the great features of the CD 800 printer with added lamination capabilities. It satisfies growing customer needs for security, durability and versatility, and adds unique new features like a barcode reader to validate ...
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