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  • AMT Datasouth Process 24/7 Downtime Solution

      The Process 24/7 by AMT Datasouth is an off-the-shelf Windows-based software solution designed for downtime patient admittance administration. Process 24/7 has a built-in Virtual Form Designer that gives hospital IT's the ability to quickly create the desired formats for patient wristbands and labels. Patient data is encrypted and is only ...
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    • BadgePass Identity Manager Solution

        Simplify the process of issuing badges in your organization with BadgePass Identity Manager.  First, design secure and unique credentials in the BadgePass Studio software application. Then, easily capture photos and user information in Identity Manager, the only application that greatly simplifies your enrollment process by directly integrating with all other BadgePass modules ...
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      • BadgePass Logo

        BadgePass SmartReg™ Enrollment System

          The BadgePass SmartReg is an automated enrollment system, that allows you to populate data entry fields on your computer screen with a simple swipe of a card. SmartReg pulls data from any card with machine readable data, and will automatically populate it into your enrollment form or forms by simply swiping the ...
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        • CIM PowerTag Evo & Lite Metal Marking Software

            P​owerT​ag is an intuitive, easy to use and powerful metal marking software that can manage both simple and more complex tag marking jobs. The software is available in two versions, Lite and Evo: PowerT​ag Lite is intuitive and simple, ideal for manual field insertion on tags.​ P​owerT​ag Evo is a versatile application, designed with an intuitive user ...
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          • Datacard ViaNet

            Datacard 564532-XXX ViaNet Identity Information Software

              The Datacard ViaNet Identity Information Software is discontinued and will be available in limited quantities. Call us today to receive pricing on remaining inventory! Provide authorized users web-based, secure access to your databases with Datacard ViaNet identity information software. With ViaNet software, you can access reports, capture and print card data ...
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