School Visitor Management Systems

School Visitor Management Systems

With a stronger emphasis on student safety in today's society, visitor management systems for schools require more ​uniquely catered features than what is found in a typical visitor management solution for corporate offices and other organizations.

School visitor management systems from IdentiSys are catered specifically ​to individual K-12 schools and school districts, and provide a secure means for school staff to match children with their parent or guardian when a child ​is signed out of school. Additional features include the abilities to perform an on-site sex offender look up from a nationally compiled sex offender database, create visitor badges, report student and staff activity and deliver instant notifications to parents and guardians.

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Video: IdentiSys Visitor Management in Des Moines Public Schools

School Visitor Management Features

​While many other visitor management systems simply do not meet the strict and necessary requirements of school safety, IdentiSys offers visitor management systems with specific security and safety features ​designed for schools and school districts.

  • Text Message Notifications
    Automatically send instant text message notifications to parents and guardians when the child is signed out of school.
  • Nationally-Compiled Sex Offender Database
    Perform an on-site sex offender look up from a nationally compiled sex offender database.
  • Manage and Track Custodial Rights
    Manage and track the custodial rights of parents, guardians, and authorized persons to sign a child out of school.
  • Internally "Red Flag" Visitors
    Ability to “​red ​flag” ​visitors who are no longer permitted on ​school ​grounds.
  • Digital Record of all School Visitors
    A complete digital record — including photograph — of all school visitors.
  • Photos on Visitor Badges
    Visitor badge includes not just the photo of the visitor, but one of the person they are visiting or picking up as well.
  • Student Information Services Integration
    Secure Web Services allows for secure and flawless integration with existing Student Information System (SIS) database.
  • Bio metric Enrollment
    Bio metric enrollment add on that supports fingerprint, iris and face recognition technologies​.