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Identification, Tracking, and Security Solutions

IdentiSys offers specialized gaming industry solutions that include exclusive products and expert integration for casinos, race tracks, poker rooms, bingo halls, or other similar facilities.

Build guest and player loyalty with player cards, offer VIP player rewards and discounts, and control access within gaming facilities. IdentiSys offers complete solutions including ID card printers, kiosk card issuance, queue management, access control, CCTV solutions and much more. Read a case study about a streamlined players club card solution we provided for a Minnesota Casino.

Things to Consider

  • Can you instantly issue player cards?
  • Could you utilize a self-service kiosk?
  • Are there areas in your facility with long wait lines, such as a buffet or service counters?
  • Do you need to easily identify employees, contractors, vendors and suppliers?
  • Do you monitor and/or restrict access to certain areas?
  • Are you tracking assets as they move through your facility?

Gaming Solutions

Casino Player Enrollment and Player Cards

Casino Player Cards & Equipment

Issue Player Cards

Issue player and VIP cards with OpenCard format, ideal for casinos and other gaming venues.

Casino Player Enrollment and Player Cards

Casino Player Enrollment & Age Verification

Save time verifying and enrolling patrons

Verify and automatically populate player information to existing player card management software.

Casino Staff Identification

Casino Staff & Vendor ​Identification

Photo ID Badges & Tracking

Issue staff and vendor ​badges with a photo ID system. Manage and track vendors with an electronic visitor management system for increases security and accountability within the facility.

Casino Staff Identification

Casino Player Face Detection 

Quickly Identify Banned or VIP Players

Face detection is an effective tool for casinos and other gaming facilities to catch and identify unwanted patrons from the premises. At the same time, face detection is just as effective for identifying VIP guests for faster recognition and VIP customer service.

Other Gaming Solutions