Casino & Gaming ID Card Systems

IdentiSys is your trusted local sales and service provider specializing in comprehensive identification solutions for the dynamic casino market. Our expertise lies in delivering top-tier OpenCard format ID card printers, supplies, and accessories designed for the efficient production of player reward cards and employee photo ID badges.

OpenCard ID Card Printers

Casino - OpenCard ID Card PrintersOur range of OpenCard format printers is specifically engineered for the gaming industry, ensuring durable and high-quality printing of player and employee cards. IdentiSys is authorized to sell and service Entrust and SOLID casino card printers, two brands popular in this market.

  • Rapid Replace Technology with USB Hot Swap Available
  • OpenCard Format

Supplies and Accessories

Casino - Supplies and AccessoriesA great printing system is nothing without the right supplies and accessories. We offer a wide range of high-quality supplies including blank cards, ribbons, and laminates, tailored to work perfectly with our printing systems. This ensures not only the best print quality but also longevity and durability of your cards.

  • Employee Badge Accessories
  • Player Card Accessories
  • Supplies for Card Printers

Customer, Employee and Asset Tracking

Casino - Customer Employee and Asset TrackingImplement sophisticated solutions for tracking employee locations, attendance, mustering, and asset tracking. Our systems are designed to enhance security and operational efficiency.

Use biometrics to identify and track patrons at your facility to enforce barred lists or identify VIP guests. We offer a software-based solution that integrates and utilizes existing and new video surveillance cameras.

Card Bureau Service for Pre-Printed Cards

Casino - Card Bureau Service for Pre-Printed CardsOur card bureau service pre-prints cards for facilities that go through a large volume of cards and need to make the card issuance process more efficient. We offer pre-printed cards for various needs, including player loyalty cards, technology room cards for venues with hotels, and custom photo ID badges, all tailored to your unique requirements.

  • Player Loyalty Cards
  • Hotel Room Key Cards
  • Towel Cards
  • Employee ID Cards

Gaming Solutions

Casino Player Enrollment and Player Cards

Casino Player Cards & Equipment

Issue Player Cards

Issue player and VIP cards with OpenCard format, ideal for casinos and other gaming venues.

Casino Player Enrollment and Player Cards

Casino Player Enrollment & Age Verification

Save time verifying and enrolling patrons

Verify and automatically populate player information to existing player card management software.

Casino Staff Identification

Casino Staff & Vendor ​Identification

Photo ID Badges & Tracking

Issue staff and vendor ​badges with a photo ID system. Manage and track vendors with an electronic visitor management system for increases security and accountability within the facility.

Casino Staff Identification

Casino Touchless Security Screening

Detect Weapons at Visitor Entry Points

Enhance security and streamline operations at your casino or gaming facility with touchless security screening. Our cutting-edge technology offers a game-changing solution to meet the evolving security challenges in the industry while prioritizing the safety and convenience of your patrons.

Casino Staff Identification

Casino Player Face Detection 

Quickly Identify Banned or VIP Players

Face detection is an effective tool for casinos and other gaming facilities to catch and identify unwanted patrons from the premises. At the same time, face detection is just as effective for identifying VIP guests for faster recognition and VIP customer service.

Other Gaming Solutions