HALO Sensor

Health, Safety and Vape Sensor Readings

HALO Sensor Integration

Monitor the health and safety of your environments with an Ethernet- or WiFi-based IoT (Internet of Things) multi-sensor devices that detect a wide range of health, safety and vape sensor readings.

Detecting and monitoring health and air quality index provides a real-time indication of the potential risk for the spread of airborne infectious disease in a building. Vape detection, smoke detection, THC detection, and sound abnormalities like gunshots and shouting in areas a camera cannot be placed.

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IoT Multi-Sensor Solutions

Health Index

Smart sensor readings can beneficially play a part in your health by detecting for carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, temperature and humidity, VOC (volatile organic compounds), and particulate matter. Additionally, the sensor can provide information regarding your Health Index and Air Quality Index.


Smart sensor readings can increase your overall safety through the detection of help (spoken key word), gunshot, aggression, light level, and tamper.


Smart sensor readings can protect you from harmful substances such as marijuana (THC) and vape as well as masking which is when someone attempts to hide their vaping activity.

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