EMV Chip Cards

Debit, Credit, and Pre-Paid Cards

EMV Payment Cards Supplier

EMV ​chip cards — also simply known as smart cards or chip cards ​— are cards that contain an embedded microchip. IdentiSys is a ​supplier of EMV chip payment cards to banks, credit unions, community banks and third party processors, offering a quick turnaround on full personalization and fulfillment.

Experienced in EMV specifications and profiles with each of the main chip providers, IdentiSys can produce and deliver a broad range of financial EMV chip cards used ​in instant issuance and central issuance, as well as support the changes in the financial card industry in the process.

Are You Ready for EMV?

As of October 2015, financial companies, credit card issuers, retailers, and more are subject to new Europay, Mastercard, and Visa (EMV) standards.

IdentiSys is a trusted partner to help you stay relevant and unlock all of the opportunities that EMV migration has to offer. Adapting too slowly to new EMV standards can hurt your competitive position and increase fraud risk and liability. Our industry experts can help you every step of the way for your long-term EMV smart card solution.

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