Dog Tag Embossing

Military Dog Tags, Medical Warning Alert Tags & Pet ID

IdentiSys is an authorized distributor and service provider for dog t​ag embossing machines and is a provider of dog tag machines and supplies to all branches of the United States military. Additionally, many dog tag machines from IdentiSys are in hospitals, museums, attractions and many other organizations for various dog tag applications.

Dog tag making machines are available in different configurations, including ​models that produce dog tags manually or automatically. Portable ​options are available, as well as industrial high speed systems designed for robust continuous use.

Dog Tag Machines

Types of Dog Tag Embossers

CIM M10HE Portable Manual Dog Tag Embosser
The CIM M10HE is a portable, robust and compact solution for dog tag making, ideal for manual personalization of dog tags in any environment. The M10 HE has an easy to carry handle, weighs only 28 pounds and requires no electric power for operation.

CIM MDT500HE Portable Automatic Dog Tag Embosser and Debosser
The CIM MDT500HE is a reliable, easy to use, fully automatic dog tag embosser that can work as a stand-alone system. The MDT500 HE is an all-in-one solution with a built-in keyboard, linux-based CPU and high resolution LCD display.

CIM MDT1000 High-Volume Automatic Dog Tag Embosser
The CIM MDT1000 is a compact, high speed metal tag embosser built on durable and proven technology. The MDT1000 is flexible and designed specifically for U.S. Military tagging applications.

Matica C410 High-Volume Automatic Dog Tag Embosser
The Matica C410 is capable of continuous dog tag production 45% faster than its predecessor. The C410 has an integrated, manually adjustable universal automatic plate feeder that holds up to 350 plates.

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