Correctional Facility ID Card Systems

In today's correctional environment, maintaining the highest security levels and operational efficiency is paramount. IdentiSys offers comprehensive inmate and employee ID badge issuance solutions tailored for correctional facilities. With our advanced desktop ID card printers, supplies, and accessories, coupled with seamless integration into existing access control systems, we ensure a secure and efficient identification process.

Tailored ID Badge Solutions for Inmates and Employees

Correctional Facility - ID Badge SolutionsExplore our range of desktop ID card printers designed for the rigorous demands of correctional facilities. Whether you're creating durable inmate ID badges or functional employee ID cards, our solutions cater to all your needs. Our products are designed to withstand the unique challenges of the correctional environment, ensuring longevity and reliability.

  • Photo Employee ID Badges
  • Visitor ID Badges
  • Inmate ID Badges

Seamless Integration with Access Control Systems

Correctional Facility - Access Control SystemsEnhance your facility's security by integrating our ID badge issuance solutions with your existing access control systems. Our technology cards enable employees to use their ID badges for secure gate and door access, streamlining operations while maintaining high security standards.

  • Proximity and Smart Card Credentials
  • ID Card Printers with Encoding Capabilities
  • Customizable Sticky Cards That Adhere to Clamshell Cards