K-12 Education

​ID, Security and Tracking

Every school faces the same question - how can we make our school more secure and efficient while maintaining a budget?

Providing a safe environment starts with proper identification of staff, faculty, students and visitors at the school. A school ID card system produces staff and faculty ID badges, student ID cards and visitor badges. Furthermore, scan student ID cards for attendance, campus events and tardy tracking using handheld mobile devices with access to the student database from anywhere on campus.

Additionally, securing key entrances and restricted areas of buildings with access control systems and CCTV video security significantly increases security and awareness. A school visitor management system helps school staff to match children with their parent or guardian when a child ​is signed out of school.

Things to Consider

  • Can you easily identify who should and should not be in the building?
  • How can you use an ID card for multiple applications?
  • What areas need to be restricted?
  • What current systems and databases need to be integrated?
  • How often are students waiting in long lines?
  • What products and accessories promote your school?

K-12 Education Solutions

K-12 Staff and Faculty Identification

K-12 Staff & Faculty Identification

Photo ID Badge​s & Tracking

Identify staff and faculty in your facilities with secure ID cards and badges. Increase productivity by enabling transactions and tracking.

K-12 Student Identification Cards

K-12 Student Identification

Student ID Cards

Student ID cards help create a safe campus environment​ ​and promote school spirit.

K-12 Student Tracking

Tardy & Attendance, Bus and Event Tracking

Utilize student ID cards for tardy & attendance, campus events, bus and ​other tracking. ​Integrate student tracking solutions with the existing student database.

K-12 School Visitor Management

K-12 School Visitor Management

Visitor Registration and Badging

School visitor management systems from IdentiSys are catered specifically ​to individual K-12 schools and school districts, and provide a secure means for school staff to match children with their parent or guardian when a child ​is signed out of school. ​

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K-12 School Alert Status System

Daily Incident and Crisis Management

Use chat and email alerts​ to provide instant visibility for daily incident tracking and emergency crisis management. Integrate real-time monitoring with video, access control, response plans, intercom and more to expand your response capabilities.

K-12 School Visual Learning Tools

Educational Visual Learning Tools

VariQuest® Visual Learning Tools

Easily create & sell customized posters, banners, bulletin board displays, award plaques, parking permits, bumper stickers and more.

Other Solutions

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