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College & University ID and Security Solutions

Colleges and universities use ID cards and badges to integrate systems and services on campus, improving efficiency for campus staff and students, while increasing revenues for campuses. Campus staff ID badges and student ID cards are often combined to include access control, identification and transactional applications. IdentiSys offers a complete range of ID badge and campus card solutions, from the ID card printers themselves to the integration to campus systems and services.

Additionally, IdentiSys is a provider for many other campus-related solutions, such as student parking pass window stickers or hang tags, campus-branded lanyards, attendance or event tracking and much more.

Things to Consider

  • Can you easily identify who should and should not be on your campus?
  • How can you use an ID card for multiple applications?
  • What areas need to be restricted?
  • What current systems and databases need to be integrated?
  • How often are students waiting in long lines?
  • What products and accessories promote your school or campus?

Higher Education Solutions

Higher Education Staff Identification

Higher Education Employee Identification

Photo ID Badges & Tracking

Identify staff and employees at your campuses with secure ID cards and badges. Increase productivity by enabling transactions and tracking.

Employee Access Cards

Credentials & Access Control

Utilize proximity and smart card technology for credential access to door entry systems and multi-factor software authentication.

College University Student Identification

Campus Student Identification

University & College Student ID Cards

In addition to identification, campus student ID cards can integrate with access control, dining and meal plan, vending, laundry, copy control, attendance tracking and other cashless spending applications.

Mobile Digital ID

Mobile Student Identification

Digital Student ID Cards on Mobile Phones

Digital ID cards on mobiles phones provide students and faculty an intuitive, touchless experience for campus identification, building access, cafeterias, secure printing, student amenities, and much more.

Office Video Surveillance

Campus Video Surveillance

Campus Video Security

Monitor and secure facilities on the campus, watching for suspicious behavior and unauthorized access.

Other Higher Education Solutions

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