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  • Datacard 572173-001 Tru Signature Solution

      Datacard Tru Signature Solution makes it easy to capture any user's signature electronically and incorporate it into a photo ID for an additional layer of security. The fully integrated Tru Signature Solution includes everything you need to capture, store or print electronic signatures. Integrates easily with Datacard ID Works ...
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    • datacard signature pad and capture pointe software

      Datacard 572177-001 Signature Pointe Solution

        Datacard Signature Pointe solution includes everything you need to capture, store and print electronic signatures. The rugged signature pad features an interactive LCD that allows users to see their handwriting as they sign, minimizing the chance of errors. The integrated Signature Pointe software, part of the Datacard Capture Pointe Series ...
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      • HD Image Cam Pro

        HD Image Cam Pro

          An all metal construction camera that captures high quality images for your ID badges. The HD Image Cam Pro comes with the following features: 2 year warranty, 6' USB cable, adjustable tripod and auto exposure. Easily add high resolution photos to your ID badges with this camera. Camera Features: 2.0 Megapixel ...
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        • IdentiSys Camera Package

            Take your ID to the next level by adding a photo. IdentiSys has multiple camera packages available to make this simple and provide you with all the tools you need to add a quality photo to your ID. The mainstay of our package is the camera. Our packages all include ...
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          • IdentiSys CV27 Photo ID Camera

            IdentiSys CV24 Photo ID Camera

              The ISG CV24 Photo ID Camera is ideal for cost conscious customers that need a reliable and long-life photo ID camera. The ISG CV24 is a compact camera that captures high quality photo images. Quality photos are a key component of a photo ID system.
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