SSL Certificates for Websites

Standard, Multi-Domain and Wildcard

SSL certificates encrypt website traffic and private information to ensure secure transactions. Having an SSL certificate establishes your organization's trusted identity and eliminates browser notifications that warn visitors entering your site.

IdentiSys is an authorized supplier and provider of Entrust security certificates, with offerings that include basic SSL certificates and more advanced EV multi-domain SSL certificates. A trusted Certificate Authority, Entrust SSL certificates use 128-256-bit encryption and are compatible with 99.9% of browsers.

Save money with Entrust security certificates from IdentiSys. Given our strong relationship and positioning with Entrust Datacard, we can offer a competitive price on SSL certificates.

SSL Certificates Website Security

Why does my organization's website need an SSL certificate? 

Secure Your Website and Build Trust

​Seeing “http://” in the web browser's address bar means “this is a website” to the user, but seeing “https://” means “this is a website, and it’s using SSL to encrypt data and authenticate the website.” In general https-enabled websites are regarded as more trustworthy for visitors. 

Search Engine Optimization 

Various search engines, including Google, are favoring ​https-enabled websites when displaying web search results.

​SSL Certificate Options

Selecting the right SSL certificate depends on a variety of factors including security level, trust level, and visibility to the web visitor. Contact us if you need assistance choosing the right SSL certificate for your organization and to learn more about our multi-year term discount savings.

Standard Entrust SSL

Standard SSL
Basic Single Domain

  • Secure both and
  • Organization Validated (OV) SSL
  • Includes Basic Website Security, by SiteLock

Advantage Entrust SSL

Advantage SSL
Basic Value

  • Secure both and
  • Includes one additional SAN,​
  • Organization Validated (OV) SSL
  • Includes Basic Website Security, by SiteLock

UC Multi-Domain Entrust SSL

UC Multi-Domain SSL

  • Secure both and
  • Includes ​3 additional SANs
  • Additional domains available for additional fee
  • Includes Basic Website Security, by SiteLock

EV Multi-Domain Entrust SSL

EV Multi-Domain SSL
Multi-Domain with ​Extended Validation

  • Secure both and
  • Greater trust with EV "Green Bar"
  • Includes 1 additional SAN,
  • Additional domains available for additional fee
  • Includes​ Enhanced Website Security, by SiteLock

Wildcard Entrust SSL

​Wildcard SSL
Secures ​Unlimited Subdomains

  • Secure 1 domain with unlimited subdomains, *
  • Organization Validated (OV) SSL
  • Additional domains available for additional fee
  • Includes​ ​Basic Website Security, by SiteLock

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