Elevated Body Temperature Detection

Screen visitors and employees for health & security

Body Temperature Detection

The COVID-19 pandemic is yet another reminder, in addition to the many historical reminders, that infectious diseases have an impact to the health and safety of people and the effects to the economy. How modern workplace health and security is handled has changed since the outbreak of COVID-19, forcing businesses to strategize their reopening plans per national and local guidelines. Even after clearing the hurdle of safely reopening, a system should be in place that makes the workplace confident in the health and safety all personnel moving forward.

IdentiSys offers a solution for fever and elevated body temperature screening, mask detection and face recognition while wearing a mask to support healthy buildings and safe workplaces. Devices can operate as a standalone system, or a multi-purpose workforce entry and management solution with integration to new or existing access control, time tracking and smart building automation.

IdentiSys has experienced local consultants and trained service technicians located nationwide to handle your body temperature detection project from start to finish.

Upgrade Existing System

  • Add temperature detection to an existing an access control and/or video surveillance system
  • Add temperature detection to an existing time tracking system
  • Integrate smart building automation with temperature detection

New System Installation

  • Standalone elevated body temperature screening with optional mask detection and face recognition
  • New access control and/or video surveillance system with elevated body temperature screening, mask detection and face recognition
  • Integrate smart building automation with temperature detection

Professional Services

  • Expert Consultation
    Make the right choice when choosing an elevated body temperature solution for your business. Our local security experts are specialists who can help find the right solution for your needs
  • Project Management
    We can oversee every aspect of your system installation from start to finish
  • Configuration Services
    Our customer engineers will program, configure and integrate to your specifications
  • On-Site Installation
    Our customer engineers will set up your system and make sure the devices are functions as intended

Body Temperature Detection Solutions

Thermal body temperature detection requirements vary for all types of organizations, but IdentiSys can leverage all the solutions to provide a system designed for your needs.

Multipurpose Body Temperature Detection

Multipurpose Body Temperature Detection

Designed for a new or existing access control system, these wall-mounted body temperature detection devices protect your investment with a solution that not only features body temperature and mask detection, but can feature a card reader, face recognition, fingerprint and finger vein biometric modalities for access control and workforce management.

Use a combination of the many functions to enhance security for multifactor authentication.

Face Recognition with Body Temperature Detection

Face Recognition and Body Temp

Wall or pole-mounted devices that features face recognition with temperature detection. These devices can function as a standalone or integrated with new or existing access control systems.

Automatically or manually deny access to authorized personnel from entry if they meet or exceed temperature level. There is an option for face recognition for faces with masks and integration capabilities with time and attendance.

Standalone Infrared Temperature Detection

Standalone Infrared Temperature Detection
Wall or pole-mounted standalone infrared temperature detection systems contain an infrared temperature sensor, large data display and voice alarm. This device is great for restaurants, bars, grocery stores, drug stores, and small businesses as a front line of defense against infections and diseases.

Body Temperature Detection Network Camera

Body Temperature Detection Network Camera

Cameras feature an on-board temperature detection algorithm of up to 16 body detection targets at a 30ms response time. A high temperature detection alarm goes off for targets that meet or exceed temperature level.

Intelligent functions include motion detection, body detection and temperature alarm.

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