ID Card Printer Systems

Print Plastic PVC Cards

From basic entry level to sophisticated high-end photo ID card systems that are integrate​d to HR databases ​or access control software, IdentiSys has plastic ID card ​systems for organizations of all sizes. IdentiSys is North America's largest full-service identification and security solutions provider, and is an authorized partner, distributor and service provider for all of the major ID card printer brands, including Entrust, Zebra Technologies, HID Global, Matica Technologies and more.

Desktop ID card printers have many different features and capabilities to choose from, including direct-to-card or retransfer technology, single-sided (simplex) or dual-sided (duplex) printing, security or clear lamination, and magnetic stripe, proximity or smart card encoding capabilities. ID card printers, paired with ID card printer software and other peripheral devices (cameras, card readers and biometric scanners), make it possible to design your own card printing program.

IdentiSys local representatives nationwide can provide expert advice, consultation and on-site demonstrations. Additionally, IdentiSys customer engineers provide local on-site service and installations.

​Build Your Own ID Card System

With IdentiSys, ID card systems are custom made to an organization's unique ID card program. One-box ID card systems often offer more than what is needed or simply fall short of requirements. The following are some examples of ID card systems that IdentiSys can provide, but keep in mind that various options, features and add-ons are available to build the right ID card system to your liking.

ID Badge Systems

ID Badge Systems
Employee Photo ID Badges, Security Badges

  • ID Badge Printer
  • ID Badge Software
  • Camera and Backdrop
  • Badge Accessories

ID Card Systems

ID Card Systems
Gift ​& Loyalty Cards, Membership Cards

  • ID Card Printer
  • ID Card Software
  • Encoder
  • ​ID Card Reader

Photo ID Card Systems

Photo ID Card Systems
Student ID, State ID, Licen​se & Permit ID

  • Photo ID Card Printer
  • Photo ID Card Software
  • Camera and Backdrop
  • Signature Pad

Oversized ID Badge Systems

Oversized ID Card Printing Systems
Event Badges, Staff Badges

  • Oversized ID Card Printer
  • ​Oversized ID Card Software
  • Pre-Printed Cards
  • Custom Lanyards

Plastic ID Card Laser Engraving System

Printer & Laser Engraving Card Systems
High Security ID Cards, High Security Badges

  • ID Card Laser Engraver / Printer
  • ID Card Laser Engraver Software
  • Camera and Backdrop
  • Mag or Smart Encoder

Plastic Card Embossing System

Plastic Card Embossing Systems
Financial Cards, Patient ID Cards

  • Plastic ID Card Embosser
  • Mag or EMV Encoder
  • PIN Pad
  • ​EMV Cards

Service Maintenance Agreement

Protect your ID card printer investment with an on-site service maintenance agreement that provides you with unlimited technical support over the phone, plus comprehensive preventative maintenance and emergency maintenance. Unlike most online retailers, we have local trained customer engineers that come out to you as opposed to a depot service where you send in your printer for repair. If you require just depot service, we offer that too!

PVC Card Printing Service

IdentiSys has an internal service bureau that can print custom ID cards, name tags and employee badges with your desired specifications, design and technology. If you are not ready or unable to invest in a complete ID card system to accomplish card printing in-house, IdentiSys service bureau is here and ready to help.

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