Multi-Technology Card Entry Systems

125 kHz and 13.56 MHz Controlled Access Solutions

Door Entry Access Control Solutions

​Multi-technology access control systems are designed to simplify access control solutions and ease the transition from a magnetic stripe or proximity to smart card technology.

With changes in compliance, functionality and security, many companies have already transitioned existing mag stripe systems to proximity card or new generation smart card ​access control systems. ​With multi-technology readers compatible with various different card technologies — including mag stripe, proximity and smart card technology — an organization only needs to replace the smart card technology credentials as needed instead of replacing hundreds or thousands of existing mag stripe and proximity credentials all at once.

Switch to Secure 2-Factor Authentication Without Upgrading Hardware!

​With biometric reader​-embedded access technology cards, you can upgrade your existing access control system to a dual authentication solution with biometrics immediately and with little effort. 

With on-card enrollment and authentication, the card is unique to the user and only the authorized card holder can activate card communication with the reader.

IdentiSys has unparalleled experience with ​​mag stripe, proximity and smart card access and security. Whether you need to control access to a single door or a complex multi-site facility, IdentiSys ​provides complete end-to-end solutions and service.​


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