Other Emergency Management Solutions

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  • SST BC520 ER Barcode Reader

    SST BC520 ER Portable Barcode Reader

      The BC520ER is a portable barcode reader for use in tracking emergency response teams. ERT personnel are scanned IN and OUT of the emergency area using pre-issued ID cards. Up to 4,000 scans are stored in a non-volatile memory with a time stamp for downloading later to a computer.
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    • Telaeris XPressEntry Handheld Badge Verification Solu...

        XPressEntry is the industry leading handheld badge verification hardware and software solution which seamlessly integrates with most physical access control systems (PACS) and reads most badge technologies. XPressEntry handheld badge readers quickly verify personnel and visitor badge information including name, photo ID, and permissions against the existing access control database. ...
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