Thermal Printer Wristbands & Labels

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  • ComfortBand Thermal Wristband

    ComfortBand SensaBand Plus Thermal Wristbands

      The SensaBand Plus thermal wristband from ComfortBand is the softest, lightest, most comfortable wristband on the market. SensaBand Plus Features: Comfortable Low Cost Hand Sanitizer Resistant Waterproof Durable/Long Lasting Adhesive Closure Works with most Thermal Printers Resists Bacterial Growth Easy to Remove Tab Design
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    • SensaBand Thermal Wristband

      ComfortBand SensaBand Thermal Wristbands

        ComfortBand is pleased to offer SensaBand. Sensaband is a soft, light weight, comfortable wristband, designed with patient satisfaction in mind. A unique Twist-Tab feature makes application a quick and simple process. Some other key features of Sensaband include: Waterproof, Latex Free, Thermal, Adhesive Closure, Tamper Evident, Durable, works with any roll ...
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      • Contour BandZ

        ContourBand Z Thermal Wristbands

          The ContourBand Z is compatible with Zebra printers. It has a roll format that mirrors the traditional shape of hospital wristbands: narrow strap and wide patient data area. There is a special outer wristband coating, which allows for crisp printing and excellent bar code scanability. Soft, lightweight polyethylene material provides ...
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        • ISG Color-coded Alert Wristbands

            Color coded alert wristbands are an increasingly popular method for reducing medical errors and increasing patient safety. Alert wristbands identify a unique medical condition and assist staff members to quickly identify and treat any situation. Among hospitals using color-coded alert bands, there are a number of common alerts that are ...
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          • ISG Direct Thermal Wristbands

            ISG Direct Thermal Wristbands

              Thermal wristbands are created using multiple laminates to enhance strength and provide resistance to tearing and environmental conditions. They excel at printing all barcode symbologies and support text, linear, 2D and Aztec barcodes, photos and graphics. Thermal wristbands are proven to have outstanding first time read rates. You can choose ...
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