Zwipe Dual Authentication Biometric & Access Technology ID Card

Product number: Zwipe ID Vendor: Zwipe

Zwipe ID is the world’s first fingerprint-activated contactless card. Only after activation by a fingerprint scan will the card allow communication with a contactless reader. Zwipe ID is the natural evolution of the smart card providing 100% on-card fingerprint scanning and matching. Zwipe combines the security of biometric authentication with the speed and convenience of contactless credentials.


  • Directly addresses unauthorized card use and eliminates threat of lost cards.
  • Secure and intuitive biometric two-factor authentication, without upgrading readers.
  • Compatible with many ISO14443 RF readers.
  • On-card finger print touch sensor with 3D capacitive technology for superior imaging.
  • Supports PIN-based systems allowing for 3-factor authentication.
  • Addresses privacy concerns with on-card biometric data storage.


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