Telaeris XPressEntry Handheld Badge Verification Solution

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XPress Entry Solutions

XPressEntry is the industry leading handheld badge verification hardware and software solution which seamlessly integrates with most physical access control systems (PACS) and reads most badge technologies. XPressEntry handheld badge readers quickly verify personnel and visitor badge information including name, photo ID, and permissions against the existing access control database.

By maintaining continuously updated facility occupancy information, it allows your safety and security professionals to monitor where employees are at any time. XPressEntry stays connected from anywhere with both cellular and WiFi connections, but in the case these aren’t available, continues to work offline until data is available again.

  • Record and view entry / exit info – Authenticate personnel and visitor credentials including badges, government IDs, fingerprints, and iris scanning from anywhere. View real-time entry and exit activity of all users throughout complex facilities. Even enroll new personnel and visitors into the access control database from anywhere keeping a complete and accurate count of everyone onsite.
  • Real-time updates with database – With so much going on with daily operations, keeping security and essential emergency personnel up to date with the latest information is critical for site security. XPressEntry handheld readers are constantly syncing all personnel and visitor activity, occupancy, and safe statuses with the existing physical access control system (PACS) via cellular or WiFi connectivity.
  • Offline entry/exit recording – In the slim chance that both cellular and WiFi connectivity are lost, XPressEntry will continue to record all occupancy statuses and store them locally in offline mode to ensure that no personnel and visitor statuses are lost. Once cellular or WiFi connectivity has been restored, all recorded data will be automatically synced with the XPressEntry server and physical access control system (PACS) keeping everyone and everything up to date.
  • Rugged handheld readers – XPressEntry offers the XPID Series handheld badge readers with many different options for different business applications. The XPID100 PDA is held like a cell phone in the palm of your hand while the XPID101 GUN has a handle and is held like a pistol. Both handheld readers are dust, heavy rain, and snow resistant and are rated to survive multiple drops from 1.5 meters.
  • Ubiquitous badge reading capability – Future proof your complete access control solution while supporting legacy systems at the same time. XPressEntry handhelds proudly read more badge technologies than any other handheld in the industry including SEOS, iClass, Prox, Casi, Indala, Mifare, PIV, and DESFire EV2 and can simultaneously poll for both HF and LF credentials. XPressEntry handheld readers offers the greatest flexibility and compatibility for current and future physical access control systems (PACS).
  • Certified security system integration – XPressEntry integrates natively and has been certified with more than 20 industry leading physical access control systems (PACS) such as Software House, LenelS2, Honeywell, Genetec, Identiv, AMAG, Keyscan, RS2, Galaxy, Open Options, IDenticard, and many more. Don’t see your PACS on this list? To view a full list of completed integrations, visit our XPressEntry integrations page.
  • Continuous Software Improvements – XPressEntry receives regular software updates with security enhancements and grows in functionality from the XPressEntry server. In addition, the server delivers device management and can assign specific emergency mustering, access control, and/or event modes to each individual XPressEntry handheld reader. Users can switch between modes directly on the handheld reader if multiple modes are granted to meet specific business needs.
  • Robust Software Security – Keeping up with the latest cybersecurity practices is mission critical at Telaeris. XPressEntry is penetration test certified by RSI Security as secure against external threats with appropriate security protocols and encryption. End-to-end encryption is provided between XPressEntry handheld readers and server communication utilizing TLS 1.2 secure protocols. All other data stored on the XPressEntry handheld readers are U.S. government grade AES256 encrypted.

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