IdentiSys Suspect Interview Video & Audio Recording System

Product number: Suspect Video System Vendor: IdentiSys

Interview Recording EquipmentThe IdentiSys Suspect Interview Video & Audio Recording System is designed to make detectives at law enforcement agencies more effective during interviews and interrogations. The interview room recording equipment from IdentiSys is created with standard police procedures in mind, to save time and result in higher conviction rates.

System Benefits

  • Allows jury members to witness suspects’ behavior and appearance outside of court
  • Allows investigators to instantly retrieve and review any segment of the interview
  • Provides watermark-protected video evidence of entire interview or just pertinent portions
  • Permits interviewers to focus on the interview and the subject rather than taking notes
  • Protects detectives and police agencies from claims of misconduct, coercion or abuse during interviews

System Components

  • DVR with DVD Burner
  • Built in time/date watermark (for both video & audio)
  • High resolution camera
  • LCD 17” flat screen monitor
  • Covert microphone (can be ceiling or wall mounted)

Video Interview Recording Directions

    • Press the button on wall as you walk into room – system is activated
    • Write down the time the interview starts
    • Write down time the interview ends
    • Press button on wall as you exit room – system is inactivated
    • Move the mouse to the bottom of DVR screen until icon showing video strip with arrow appears
    • Choose device to be copied to (Channel #1 for camera #1, etc.)
    • Enter interview start time
    • Enter interview end time
    • DVR – click eject and insert DVD
    • Export – click this to confirm that you are copying what you recorded
    • Click Eject to take out the DVD
    • When finished, click cancel

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