Damon Co. 1'' x 3.5'' Rectangle Metal Plates w/ Rolled Edge No. 11

Product number: 11xxxxxx125 Vendor: Damon Company

Metal plates and tags provide durable solutions for identification and traceability requirements in harsh environments. These plates are to be used with metal plate stamp machines, embossers or engraving equipment.

  • Plate Size: 1.00" x 3.50" (rolled edge)

There are four parts to ordering metal plates and tags:

  • 1.) Plate Number - Determines the size and shape of the metal plate or tag (In this case it is Damon Plate No.11)
  • 2.) Ordering Code - The ordering code determines the material type and material thickness.
  • 3.) Color Option - Certain colors are available depending on the material type.
  • 4.) Holes & Slot Option Number - Some plates can be ordered with optional holes and slots.

For example: Plate #11 - Ordering Code: 304DD5 - Color Option: RG - Hole Option: #125 is a Rectangular plate #11 with .015" thick stainless steel (304 Dull) with anodized orange color and one .250" hole.

Ordering Code and Color Options

Color Chart: RD=Red, GR=Green, BL=Blue, LB=Light Blue, VT=Violet, YL=Yellow, RG=Orange, BR=Brown, CL=Clear and BK=Black.

Ordering Code Thickness Color Options Material / Metal Options
304DD5 .015" RD, GR, BL, LB, VT, YL, RG, BR, CL, BK
Stainless Steel (304 Dull)
304BA5 .015" RD, GR, BL, LB, VT, YL, RG, BR, CL, BK Stainless Steel (304 Bright)
316DD5 .015" RD, GR, BL, LB, VT, YL, RG, BR, CL, BK Stainless Steel (316 Dull)
430BA5 .015" RD, GR, BL, LB, VT, YL, RG, BR, CL, BK Stainless Steel (430 Bright)

Note: Some materials may have limited color options.

Holes & Slot Options

Holes & Slot Options Number Description
#125 (1) .250" hole
Please see below attachment for more details on the different sizes and options available.

    Product documents

    Document Title / Description Size
    Damon Metal Plates Catalog 6453 kb

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