Customer Service Counter Queue and Flow Management

For today’s customers, speed and convenience defines how they shop. Shoppers that are faced with long lines are more likely to abandon their purchases and go elsewhere, or purchase online.

The use of queue and flow management helps reduce customer confusion and streamline customer service lines. 

By improving customer queuing and wait times, retailers can reduce actual and perceived line times, reduce the risk of abandoned purchases and increase customer loyalty.

Angry Customers Waiting In Line

Q-Guide 200. and Q-Guide 400 are designed for easy setup and easy use. Everything needed is included in the box and can be setup in minutes.

With the Q-Guide 200, one queue that serve as up to three counters at a time. Q-Guide 400 offers a ticket queue that calls customers to the service counter based on their assigned number.

Measure the customer service program with real-time stats of customers served verses customers waiting - and adapt the service levels accordingly.

retail content flow management diagram

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