Healthcare Queue and Flow Management

Managing waiting areas in healthcare facilities can be streamlined with a queue and flow management solution from IdentiSys. Customers can use self-serve kiosks to check themselves in or a receptionist can check in pre-set appointments by identifying the arriving individuals by name.

Patients visiting a hospital or a clinic normally have to wait before seeing a doctor or healthcare professional. The natural explanation for this is that demand for services exceeds supply. However, if you implement ​an ​appointment ​management ​system, patient scheduling can be better managed by matching patient demand with available healthcare resources.

healthcare content flow management diagram

Use a queuing system at the entry to categorize each patient by need (drop-off, pick-up and urgency). Medical record numbers, prescription counts and other miscellaneous notes can be entered for staff to recall during service. Patients are given numbered tickets to hold their place in the queue. Patient volume data is compiled by category, time of day or other parameters to help analyze peak times, traffic spikes and service needs. Data can also be used to motivate staff with incentives for meeting individual quotas and performance standards. 

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