Healthcare Real-Time Location Systems

Track Staff, Patients, Visitors and Medical Equipment

Real-time location systems (RTLS) ​are successfully used ​today by health systems, hospitals and clinics to have visibility into the precise, real-time location of an personnel and assets. Additionally, RTLS helps ​measure how space is being utilized to create the best environment for staff and patients while improving efficiency and experiences. Not only can this technology be used to track staff, patients and visitors, it can be used to track valued medical equipment assets.

IdentiSys offers an RTLS solution that requires minimal hardware — Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) sensor beacons and Bluetooth / WiFi gateways​ — saving organizations with costs involved in expensive infrastructure setup of antennas, servers, cable, etc. With ​this cloud-based solution, no server configuration is required and data can be transferred to the cloud using existing WiFi.

Healthcare Tracking

Tracking Beacons

  • Staff, patients and visitors are tracked via sensor beacons. Beacons for personnel tracking are available as ID badges or wristbands.
Personnel Beacons
  • Equipment is tracked with small beacons that can easily affix or adhere to objects.
Asset Beacons

RTLS ​Applications in Healthcare

There are many ways to utilize RTLS in healthcare, including:

  • Visitor Location Tracking - Track the real-time location of visitors.
  • Visitor Wayfinding - Help visitors get to the correct room or area without struggling to find their way around the building.
  • Staff Location Tracking - Track the real-time location of staff in the hospital. Track doctors, nurses, assistants, maintenance and more.
  • Nurse Call Integration - Create substantial gains in workflow efficiency, awareness and reporting.
  • Patient Location Tracking - Track the real-time location of patients in the hospital.
  • Cold Chain Monitoring - Maintain an optimal temperature of storage, distribution and handling of supplies.
  • Secure Restricted Areas - Set user-defined real-time alerts when a person enters a restricted area or an ‘authorized personnel only’ area.
  • Medical Equipment Tracking - Track valued medical equipment assets within the ​hospital for inventory management and theft prevention.
  • Evacuation and Mustering - Account for ​staff, patients and visitors at mustering points during an evacuation drill or real emergency.
  • Emergency Accountability - Location reports provide first responders and security personnel with a list of people who remain in affected areas.
RTLS tracking solutions include complete audit trail reporting capabilities.

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