​Downtime Patient Registration

Downtime Patient Admittance System

Most healthcare organizations have a Health Information Systems (HIS) in place that captures, stores, manages or transmits important patient information.

But what happens when the HIS goes down? 

In the event the HIS goes down or the local terminal fails, a downtime patient admittance system allows you to securely register patients and print wristbands and labels.

The downtime admittance and registration ​system from IdentiSys is a complete stand-alone solution for downtime printing of barcoded patient ID bands and labels, while maintaining a time-stamped history on all downtime patient data entries.  

IdentiSys ​​downtime patient admittance system features include:

  • Support for both laser and thermal printers for labels, tags and wristbands
  • Support all standard bar code types, including 2D
  • Encrypts all data entry for safekeeping
  • Maintains print history for data entry and tracking
  • Sends the encrypted data to the HIS when the system recovers

With IdentiSys, we can help you ensure all systems are operating smoothly and efficiently without any loss of data. We know every moment counts and how important it is to have accurate safe data at all times.

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