Government Queue and Flow Management

With queue and flow management solutions from IdentiSys, government and public service agencies ​are able to ​efficiently utilize staff resources to administer services needed at peak times of the day, week or year.

A ​queue and flow management system works well for all walk-in government service centers such as:

  • Licensing
  • Welfare Agencies
  • Social Security offices
  • Tax offices
  • Embassies
Government and Public Customer Flow Management

Customers can check in to the queue lines with a mobile phoneself-serve kiosk or greeter. Once a customer receives a numbered ticket they can comfortably sit down instead of standing long lines. Customers waiting in the lobby are informed of their wait and updated with the use of LED displaysLED monitors or audio prompts.

Queue and flow management ​systems is capable of collecting data that can be used to measure peak traffic times, popular services requested and average wait times. By generating authoritative data, the flow management solution drives ongoing business improvements that benefit customers and staff.


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