Gaming Industry Queue and Flow Management

Increase Your Revenue

In the gaming industry, continually increasing gaming revenue and the customer service experience are keys to success. However, fine dining restaurants and buffets in casinos often jeopardize these key goals by making customers wait in long lines.

Give your customers the option to by-pass those long lines for food and beverage with our customer queuing solutions. Time is money, and long wait lines means time is being spent away from other areas of your casino. Qmatic systems are Customer Flow Management solutions that change the way your customers wait for buffets, restaurants, popular gaming tables or other services. Customers can check-in and obtain their place in the queue, and then proceed to enjoy other gaming areas, entertainment venues or lounge areas. 

How it works

As customers arrive, they are greeted and issued a ticket or mobile notification option. The guest can then move to other areas of the casino until they are called back. This eliminates your long wait lines and helps you to monitor your service levels. Another benefit is the ability to capture data and information at each service location, such as number of customers, wait times and type of customer.

Everyone wins:

  • Increase gaming revenue
  • Direct customers to gaming areas while they wait
  • Improve perceived wait time with 
    physical lines minimized
  • Reward loyal members and VIPs
  • Generate statistical reports including wait time, type of customer and number of customers waiting
Qmatic Q-Guide 400

Q-Guide 200. and Q-Guide 400 are designed for easy setup and easy use. Everything you need is included in the box and can be setup in minutes.

With the Q-Guide 200, you can have one queue that serves up to three counters. Q-Guide 400 offers a ticket queue that calls customers to the service counter based on their assigned number.

Measure your customer service program with real-time stats of customers served verses customers waiting - and adapt your service levels accordingly.


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