Business Security Camera Systems

Corporate Video Surveillance Systems

Monitoring one facility or hundreds of facilities, business security camera systems from IdentiSys are built to handle unique and complex business security surveillance requirements.

Depending on the level of security and convenience required, our security camera solutions range from simple analog cameras to enterprise IP network-based systems integrated with multiple locations. 1080P and 4K high resolution cameras are available to detect details like license plate numbers, logos on clothing, and even facial features.

Security cameras are strategically placed to monitor exits and entrances, points of sale, inventory, secluded spots and the exterior perimeter. Automated alerts and triggers are used to notify owners and managers of unauthorized activity during and after normal business hours.

An IdentiSys business security camera system will help you:

  • Visually monitor employee and visitor access
  • Improve workplace productivity
  • Know who is where and when
  • Record incidents as they happen
  • Monitor your assets
  • Reduce losses

IdentiSys can help expand your business security camera system to include or integrate with visitor management and access control systems. As a full-service security solutions provider, the breadth and depth of our portfolio means you can always find a perfect fit or solution for your needs and budget.