MACP Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police Conference

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IdentiSys is proud to be exhibiting at the 2020 Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police Conference (MACP), and we hope to see you there!

The Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police is a dynamic association, forever changing through the influence and actions of individual members who bring their expertise and an impetus for improvement in the criminal justice system. We believe that our concerted efforts will improve the police profession and the quality of life for the citizens of the great state of Michigan.​

The MACP enjoys an extremely active committee structure. Committees address specific law enforcement issues, provide awards, sponsor seminars, offer scholarships, create publications, formulate state-wide conferences and a whole gamut of activities in between. The MACP also appoints members as liaison to other state and federal organizations and to State of Michigan commissions.

Contact us at to schedule an appointment with an expert during the expo.​​​

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