Components of a Security System for a Business

by Nam Huynh | Jul 30, 2021

Security Systems

Aside from the obvious advantages of deterring burglars and protecting assets for your business, security systems are a proven driving force that ensures internal operations are running smoothly and promotes a secure and safe environment for employees and visitors. A proper integrated security system in the establishment allows everyone to focus on the task at hand without fearing for health and safety, increasing overall productivity.

What are the different components of a security system?

  • ID Badging - Employee ID badges increase security at your business by positively identifying your personnel and also gives your organization a more professional appearance.
  • Card Access - A door access control system, commonly used with ID badges, regulates access to restricted rooms or areas in a building.
  • Elevator Access - Control access to different levels of your facility. Very similar to door access control, but used to regulate access to an elevator.
  • Video Camera - Video cameras are proven deterrents of theft and criminal activity, and gives a complete picture of a business to increase safety and improve security.
  • Magnetic Lock - Strengthens doors using electromagnetic technology that provides an extra strong holding force that keeps doors secure and shut.
  • Alarm Panel - Alarm panels use a keypad to activate and deactivate motion and intrusion sensors. When activated, an alarm will go off with unauthorized entry.
  • Halo Smart Detector - Comprehensive security device that monitors air quality, as well as detect smoke, vape, and THC.
  • NVR System - NVR systems record and store video footage directly from the network it lives on.
  • Intrusion Detection - Intrusion detection systems detect unwanted elements (person or object) entering into a restricted area.
  • Visitor Management - Visitor management systems record and collect visitor information for the purpose of knowing who is in the facility, who they are visiting, and how long they spent there.

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