Physical Access Security

​Access Security Card Systems

A physical access control system is the first step in protecting your people, property and assets, by tracking and restricting door entry access to a property, building or room to authorized persons. Key card-, key fob-, biometric- (finger print, retina scan, and etc.) or PIN-based access control systems provide you the ability to lock and unlock doors. Many organizations utilize technology cards for employee badges to track and authorize access to restricted areas.

IdentiSys has unparalleled experience with ​physical access and security. Whether you need to control access to a single door or a complex multi-site facility, IdentiSys ​provides complete end-to-end solutions and service.

Door Entry Access Control Solutions

​Physical Access Solutions

Physical access products provide you with the technology to deliver an access security solution​ — from simple to complex projects. While physical access requirements are not one-size-fits-all, IdentiSys can leverage all access solutions to provide a well orchestrated​ physical access system designed for your needs.

Door Access Control

  • Control access to just a single door or a ​solution for a complex multi–site facility.
  • Common card access systems ​use proximity or smart cards.
  • Key fobs and wristband wearables can be used.

Mobile Access Control

  • Control access with mobile devices — phones, tablets and watches​.

Biometric Access Control

  • Biometric technologies include fingerprint, facial recognition, iris recognition, retinal scan, voice, and hand geometry.

Access Control Keypads

  • Utilize PIN and keypads to eliminate the need ​for physical credentials.
  • Implement a multi-factor authentication solution that requires both a PIN and technology card to increase security.

RFID Access Control (Gate Access Control)

  • Long range RFID technology allows for speedy flow of traffic, mainly utilized for car parking systems and vehicle identification.

Swipe Card Access Control

  • Magnetic (mag stripe) cards are designed for basic, low security access control applications. Card swipe door locks read magnetic encoded cards.

Stand-Alone (Single Door) Access Control

  • Single-door access systems are cost-effective and easy to install​.

IP Access Control

  • Internet Protocol (IP) based access control systems make it easy and cost effective to expand your access control system as your needs grow by leveraging network systems.
  • Browser-based access management software can be deployed in a single building or across multiple locations.​

What is Physical Access?

  • Proximity Card Access
  • Smart Card Access
  • Card Swipe Access
  • Controlled Access
  • ​ID Badge Access
  • Security Door Access
  • Biometric Door Access
  • Gate Controlled Access

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