Cards and Credentials for Access Control

125 kHz Proximity and 13.56 MHz Smart Cards

Prox and Smart Credentials

Proximity cards are used for access control (door access), security, identification, toll and other applications that require fast processing.

IdentiSys offers prox card and smart card technology credentials that provide an efficient, reliable and cost-effective solution for your existing or new access control systems. Representing major brands such as HID, Allegion (atpiQ & XceedID) and Identiv, IdentiSys is a supplier of most of the proximity and smart card formats available on the market, including traditional 125 kHz proximity, 13.56 MHz iClass, Mifare, Indala and multi-technology key cards. Custom​ printed cards are also available for most card formats.

IdentiSys is also an authorized source for HID Global's Corporate 1000 Program to provide end-user customers with a card format that is developed specifically for each individual end-user customer.

Did you know?

You can combine existing clamshell cards from your access card program to incorporate photo ID badges with StickiCards. StickiCards are PVC cards that are printable on one side and adhesive on the other side. These cards can be printed with most ID card printers and are easily attached and removed from clamshell cards.

Use Stickicards on Prox Clamshells

Need Help Ordering Proximity or Smart Cards?

Our local ID experts are available to help you order cards and credentials, regardless of the access control provider or vendor your organization uses. We can help determine what type of cards your access control system uses, as well as ​offer possible alternatives to help save you money. We can provide sample cards and fobs to ensure absolute compatibility to your access control system.

Printable prox cards and clamshells are the most commonly used credentials, but IdentiSys also offers other technologies such as key fobs, adhesive tags (tokens), and contactless wristbands.

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